Best Outdoor Garbage Cans With Locking Lids And Wheels

Keeping your space clean can be tough. Having the right garbage can for your needs can make it a lot easier. There are a surprising number of options for outdoor garbage cans on the market to help keep your space looking picture perfect.

We’ve taken the time to review some of the options on the market right now to help you find the right garbage cans for you.

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By using our guide, you’ll be sure to find cans that look great, are on trend, and blend in with the aesthetic of your home.

Getting the wrong garbage can can make life unpleasant, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The best garbage cans are the ones you don’t think about or notice once you’ve bought them.

A good, quality garbage can should stand the test of time without getting holes, which can cause leaking or spillage.

The ideal can should be one that is easy to take to the curb on pick up days. It should have a tight lid to keep critters out and your trash in. Last but not least, it should be sturdy enough to stand up to a bit of wind.

Outdoor Garbage Can | Recommended

Our Pick No. 1
Suncast 33 Gallon Hideaway Can Resin Outdoor Trash...
Suncast 33 Gallon Hideaway Can Resin Outdoor Trash...
CONVENIENT USE: Compatible with standard 30 gal. garbage bags for easy and convenient use

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Outdoor Garbage Can | Recommended

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Our Recommended Outdoor Garbage Cans With Locking Lids And Wheels in 2022

6) Vestil TH-32-GY

Vestil TH-32-GY Polyethylene 32-Gallon Trash Can,...
  • Hinged lid includes lifting handles for easy access
  • Heavy-duty refuse container keeps waste out of eyesight
  • Containers hinged lips keep the rain out

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5) Rubbermaid 9W22GY

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Brute Rollout...
  • One-piece handle provides large, strong grip area
  • Ground-hugging base enhances stability
  • Inset wheel position prevents damage to walls and doorways

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4) Rubbermaid 1971956

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Brute Rollout Step...
  • Heavy-duty wheels with high performance treads for secure movement indoors and out
  • Reinforced rim and robust lid for added structural integrity and strength
  • Fully-opening, robust lid stays in place to prevent swinging during transport

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3) Toter Garbage Bin

Just as the name suggests, the total capacity of this garbage can is 32-gallons. You can hold a fair amount of trash in this trash can, as a result of this capacity.

Since this trash can is made of reliable plastic, and relies on two sturdy wheels, it is great for outdoor usage.

32 Gal. Green Trash Sealed Stop Bar Journals Can...
  • Distinctive Greenstone finish masks normal wear and tear to keep cart looking new for years
  • Can also be used as indoor storage for animal feed, sports equipment and more
  • 32-gallon capacity holds up to 4 tall kitchen trash bags

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2) United Solutions Garbage Bin

Rugged wheels and heavy-duty polypropylene are the two most notable features this garbage can offers. Both of these features allow this garbage can to last for many years without any problems or issues. The snap-lock lid prevents the garbage can from opening if it falls or if there’s heavy winds.

United Solutions 32 Gallon Outdoor Waste Garbage...
  • SECURE LID – With the attached snap lock lid, this trash can will make it simple to place trash inside and...
  • HEAVY DUTY HANDLE – Make transportation effortless with this comfortable and easy to grip handle. Getting...
  • RUGGED WHEELS – Built tough, these wheels make for a smooth transport while the garbage can is in use....

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1) Rubbermaid FG9W2700GRAY

For a large, heavy-duty, garbage can, you can’t go wrong with this one. The 50-gallons of capacity is more than enough for a large household. A strong construction, and reliable structure, ensure that this garbage can will last for many years.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG9W2700GRAY Brute...
  • Effortless movement easy mobility for material handling, general refuse, and bulk waste collection in...
  • Durable wheels heavy duty wheels with high performance treads are optimized for use indoors and outdoors
  • Strong construction, reinforced rim for superior structural integrity and robust lid designed for added...

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Buying Guide

Have Wheels, Will Travel – Wheeled Cans
A fully filled up trash bin can be tough to move, which is exactly why they made bins with wheels. The wheels allow you to move even a full bin with relative ease. Most trash cans that come with wheels tend to come with two wheels, but there are some models that come with four wheels. More is not always better, however, because the four wheeled bins can be less stable than their two wheeled siblings. For this reason, the four wheeled cans are really only for people who find the two wheeled cans to be too difficult to maneuver.

Aside from ease of movement, wheeled trash cans also help your cans last longer. Without wheels, you’d have to drag your bins around, scraping them against the pavement, which eventually causes holes to form in the base of the can. With the wheeled option, this worry is taken care of.

Keep A Lid On It – Cans with Attached Lids
A garbage can without a lid is like a neon Open sign for your neighborhoods critters. By putting a lid on your garbage can, you make sure that the garbage scent stays in and the animals stay out. There are some cans on the market that come with detached lids, but these come with their own problems. For example, they might get thrown to the ground when the trash collectors come by resulting in the lids being broken or torn.

Having an attached lid prevents the lid from getting lost. If you get a model with a detached lid, trash collectors might accidentally put the lid in their garbage truck or the wind might blow it away.

Does Size Matter? – What Size Garbage Bin Should You Get?
Since different folks generate different amounts of garbage, garbage bins come in many different sizes. A family isn’t going to have the same waste management needs as a single person. Similarly, someone who cooks a lot is going to generate a different amount of trash than someone who gets takeout all the time.

Frequency of trash pick up can affect size you need
Finding bags that fit can be an issue
The bigger the can, the heavier it’ll be when full and the more difficult to get to the curb

Other things that you should take into consideration when choosing a garbage can are how often your trash gets picked up. If you’re a single person who lives in a place where the trash gets picked up every week, you probably won’t need a very large bin. You’ll also want to make sure you can readily find trash bags that fit the trash bin you get. And lastly, don’t forget to consider how the trash bin will feel when it’s full. If you get a larger bin, when it’s full of trash, it’s going to be much more difficult to wrangle on down to the curb than a smaller, full bin.

Bin Design
You don’t just want to think about aesthetics when choosing a bin. If you live somewhere with garbage trucks that use automatic lift systems, you’ll want to get the kind of bin that is designed to be used with an automatic lift system. This makes it easier for the garbage collectors to pick up and empty your bins on garbage day.

Nearly every trash can will get dirty, both inside and outside, eventually, so you’ll want to choose a can that is made of material that is easy to clean. Some cans come with a plug at the bottom of the can, which allows for an easier cleaning process.

Heavy Metal or Fantastic Plastic?
Most trans bins are made of either metal or plastic. You’ll want to consider the differences between them before making a trash can purchase.

Metal us certainly the sturdier option. It’s stronger, so it can stand up to winds and other environmental factors better. The drawbacks of metal bins, however, are that they’re quite a bit heavier than plastic bins and they come in more limited styles. The typical style of a metal trash bin is a cylinder and detached lid that snaps into place when you press down on it.

Metal cans do stand up to critters better. Whereas with plastic, raccoons and mice can chew through the can, metal cans insure that those pests stay out and you can stays hole-free. Metal cans are also galvanized, which helps prevent rust forming on them for quite some time.

Plastic bins are definitely not as sturdy as metal bins. Their weaker material makes them quicker to wear out and more likely to get holes in the bottom, especially if you do not get a model with wheels.

If you do decide to go with a plastic bin, you should look for one with a plastic ridge on the bottom surface of the trash can. This ridge will extend the life of your bin, making it less likely to develop holes from dragging it on the ground.

Our Recommendations
No matter what features you decide on, you should absolutely read the customer reviews before buying. Even if the product has a high review score, it’s still important to read the reviews to make sure that can doesn’t have a short coming that is a deal breaker from your point of view.

Bigger Is Generally Better

We recommend that you get a can that is as big as your local rules say is ok to have. You do not have to fill your bin up all the way all the time. Keep in mind that it is better to have a bin that is not usually full than one that overflows whenever you have friends or family over. It’s good to have some extra room, just to be safe.

Wheels are important

Getting a bin with wheels makes your life easier because it makes the bin easier to maneuver and helps prevent ground-dragging holes from forming. Be warned though, once you get a bin with wheels, you won’t ever want to go back to having a bin without them.

Make sure it’s sturdy enough for your environment
Holes equal leaks, which are no good. The best way to avoid holes is by avoiding plastic bins without wheels. If you simply cannot find plastic bins with wheels, at least make sure to get a bin that doesn’t have a flat bottom.

Quality over quantity
There is too much poorly made junk on the market, so looking for quality is important. The best way to avoid ending up with a bin that will quickly break is to buy from big name brands that are recognized for their performance. Even when buying brand name bins though, check the customer reviews to make sure what you’re getting is authentic and not just a cheap knock off.

In summary
You should look for bins with attached lids and wheels. Making sure you get a bin that is sturdy and has the right features will make your life a whole lot easier in the long run.

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SKEMIX Black Wheeled Trash Can

For a large garbage can, that can hold plenty of trash, this is a great choice. The total capacity is 45-gallons. That’s a fair amount of capacity. If you are living with another person – or, perhaps, more than one other person – then this garbage can will be more than sufficient.

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COLIBYOU 45 Gallon Black Trash

The 45-gallons of capacity this garbage can offers make it perfect for larger households. Along with that, the lid is hinged and secure. Both of those traits keep the lid from cracking open, even if the garbage can falls, ensuring that your garbage stays where you place it.

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