Best Motion Sensor Flood Lights: Buying Guide

If you’re a homeowner, you understand the value and importance of adequate home security. From alarm systems and door cameras to fences and more, there are several ways you can go about investing in the safety of you and your family.

Best Motion Sensor Flood Lights

One of the most effective methods, backed by research, is the installation and use of quality floodlights. Criminals don’t like knowing that they can be spotted, and are much less likely even to approach your home knowing they cannot do so under cover of darkness.

As simple as lights may seem, finding the right ones for your situation takes a little shopping. After all, do you want incandescent or LEDsIs cost or longevity more of a concernAre you trying to light up a tight corner, or cover your whole front yard with illumination?

In this article, we review the different issues to consider when buying the best motion sensor floodlights, what features to look for, and how to weigh the cost vs value tradeoffs.

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Are Floodlights Effective, Are Motion Sensors Necessary?

Floodlights as a security precaution have been proven time and time again as an effective deterrent to home invasion. There have been interviews with criminals who have stated that one of the biggest factors that stop them from approaching a house is the lack of concealment. Compared to other less visible and more expensive options for home security, floodlights are worth the money.

Installing floodlights without motion sensors, however, reduces the value of your system in a couple of ways. One, it increases the power draw of the system by requiring it to be on more often. Two, it increases some complexity for the homeowner. You will need to turn it on and off yourself, and you may have more issues with the neighbors with bright lights constantly on.

If you are considering floodlights, getting the motion sensor should be a no brainer.

Motion Sensor Flood Lights

What’s the difference between LEDs and Luminescent Bulbs?

LEDs are stronger than incandescent in two important ways. They draw far less power to generate light, and they last much longer. Incandescent bulbs expend most of their energy draw as heat, and you may grow through as many as 20 incandescent bulbs before one LED burns out.

The tradeoff is, LEDs have a much higher upfront cost, as much as eight times higher. When determining which type of bulb you want, consider how long you want the bulbs to last and whether the long term cost benefits of LEDs are worth it to you.

In addition to cost, there is also practical security. LED lights last longer, that means you have to replace the floodlight bulb less frequently, which can be a lot of work. You also reduce the chance that the bulb will be burnt out without you knowing.

What is the best motion flood light?

How do you Choose a Motion Sensor?

There are a few options when it comes to the type of motion sensor to pair with your system, but we will focus on the three most common.

Passive Infrared

This system essentially creates an invisible grid of infrared rays that tracks changes in movement and heat around your house. When something blocks enough sections of the grid, and there is a significant change in infrared heat levels, the lights turn on. This does a great job of tracking people, animals, and just about everything.

Microwave Rays

Don’t worry; this isn’t like your microwave in the kitchen. These work similarly to passive infrared in their detection of movement and heat, and they have the benefit of having a longer range. They are also more expensive than infrared.

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Combination System

A combo system uses both of the two above. The benefit of this is a system that has longer range and more reliable detection of anything that might be of concern. This would mean less false alarms, which can be great for your power bill and your neighbors.

Keep in Mind Position, Range, and Control

Whatever type of light and sensor combo you choose, you should keep the following ideas in mind.

Where are you placing these lightsIs it just in the back of your house or a large area like the front yardWhat level of control do you want

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A great system will have the option to control the range of the sensors very precisely and schedule exactly when the sensors should be tracking movement.

Floodlights are Effective Security Measures

When shopping amongst the best motion sensor floodlights, it can seem overwhelming. Discerning what different elements you need is a lot to consider. However, if you use the information laid out in this article about what to focus on when shopping for these useful devices, you will be well on your way to making a reasonable choice that will help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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