Best Hanging Egg Chair in 2021: Buying Guide

Over the years, chairs have undergone many different developments and design transitions. Today, there are all kinds of different chairs and chair styles and designs available, and this means that you have a wide variety of different chairs that you can choose from, in order to have nice, comfortable places to sit in your home, and wherever else you intend to place these chairs of yours.

Today, one of the most popular chair types that is available is that of the “hanging egg chair”, a very unique, and slightly strange, type of chair that you can find many places, these days. For a time, they were less popular, due to just how much they differ from most of the other chairs that are available on the market. But, hanging egg chairs are now quite popular, and for good reason, too.

With a hanging egg chair, you have a chair that looks unique. The design is different, unique, and creative. People are tired of the same old, tried-and-true, furniture styles, and the hanging egg chair is a chair that goes against those old, and rather mundane, design styles and philosophies, and it does this in a way that allows for an entirely new style to be created. A style that works very well on an aesthetic level, while also providing you with ample comfort.

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Hanging Egg Chair | Bestseller

In this buying guide, we’re going to be looking at the best hanging egg chair. Now, obviously, there isn’t going to be just one hanging egg chair that is “the best”, and that’s why we’re not going to be looking at a single hanging egg chair. In fact, we won’t be looking at any specific hanging egg chair, at all.

Instead, we’re going to be looking at the unique features and attributes that hanging egg chairs possess, and how these features and attributes will affect the entirety of your experience using the hanging egg chair. From this information, you will be able to determine the individual factors that you want out of a hanging egg chair, enabling you to find the best possible hanging egg chair for yourself.

However, before we’re able to do that, we need to define what a hanging egg chair actually is. Hanging egg chairs are pretty simple, so this isn’t going to be a particularly detailed definition, but this definition will make everything else we’re talking about a lot clearer and far more concise.

What Is A Hanging Egg Chair?

A hanging egg chair is a unique type of chair that is hung on a hook, and this hook is attached to a device that serves as a platform for holding the chair in the air. Usually, this platform is made of metal, and this metal is strong enough to hold the chair, and your body, without collapsing or breaking down.

As for the chair itself, the chair is in the shape of an egg. This egg is open, and within the open egg – or “half-egg”, if you prefer – there is a nice, soft back, and the bottom of the chair is cushioned.

In many ways, a hanging egg chair is quite similar to a hammock, but, it’s a lot smaller, so you can’t really lie down in a hanging egg chair, unless you buy an especially large one. Although, those can be a bit harder to find, and they are a bit more expensive.

Hanging egg chairs are designed to be comfortable and stylish, but they are also designed to be very practical and easy-to-use. Most hanging egg chairs have weather-resistance built into them, and they also have other features that make the experience of using the hanging egg chair very nice and easy.

Ultimately, hanging egg chairs are chairs that have a unique aesthetic design, and they are comfortable and practical. You can set up a hanging egg chair in a variety of different places, and due to the design of most hanging egg chairs, they can withstand the elements, and the various difficulties that those types of environments can present.

What Do I Need To Think About And Look For?

Hanging egg chairs are, obviously, chairs, and when you search for any type of chair, there are a couple of key elements that must always be considered and thought about. Elements such as the comfort that the chair provides, how spacious it is, where you will be placing it, along with a couple of other elements that do affect the entirety of your experience with the chair itself.

We’re going to be talking about those things, within this section of the buying guide.

How Big Is The Hanging Egg Chair?

We’re going to start off with one of the most important considerations of them all, and that is the question of “How big is the hanging egg chair?”

You see, hanging egg chairs are quite varied. There are plenty of smaller hanging egg chairs that can fit one or two people, and then there are a number of hanging egg chairs that can hold four or five people, sometimes even more, while also serving as a nice place for you to lay your feet down and to rest and relax.

You need to think about the type of hanging egg chair that you want, when it comes to the size of the chair, and how many people you want it to seat, and whether or not you want to use it as a regular seat, or as a couch.

Once you’ve decided on the overall size, it’s important that you know the maximum amount of weight that the hanging egg chair can actually support. Most hanging egg chairs are quite strong and durable, and they can hold a significant amount of weight. And some of them really can’t do that. Make sure you know your own weight, and consider the other people that may, or may not, be sitting on it, so that you have a good idea of what the weight capacity needs to be.

Where Will You Be Putting The Hanging Egg Chair?

This is the next thing you need to consider, when looking for the best hanging egg chair. It’s very similar to the above consideration, but you really need to consider where you will be putting the hanging egg chair, because if it’s a big chair, then you’ll need to find a big space for it. And, if it’s a small chair, you’ll also need to find a space where it will fit and work well.

Here’s the thing about this particular consideration, though, if you intend to use the hanging egg chair outdoors, then you’ll need to look at the weather resistance that these hanging egg chairs offer, so that you can find one that works with the environment you live in. Ideally, the cushion and cover are water resistant, at the very least. If you live in an especially hot climate, then you should find one that offers some type of UV resistance.

Along with that, if you want to move the hanging egg chair around, on a frequent basis, you’ll need to find a hanging egg chair that is relatively lightweight, allowing you to move it around wherever you want, without too much hassle.

How Comfortable Is The Hanging Egg Chair?

Arguably the most important consideration of them all, you need to figure out whether or not this hanging egg chair is actually comfortable, because if it isn’t comfortable, then it’s not going to have been the best investment.

To determine whether or not the hanging egg chair is actually comfortable isn’t always the easiest, especially if you’re buying the chair online, and not at a store where you have the opportunity to test the chair out. So, if this is the case, and you are buying online, then it’s best that you read the reviews of the hanging egg chair, and see what people have to say about the general level of comfort that the hanging egg chair offers.

However, along with that, you should also look for cushions that are made of polyester – ideally, one-hundred-percent polyester – because they tend to be the most comfortable, and the more affordable material, out of all of the different cushion materials that are available for hanging egg chairs.


Hanging egg chairs are some of the most unique chairs on the market. With their unique design and slightly odd style, combined with the versatility and comfort that they provide, they are also some of the best chairs on the market.

By using this buying guide, and considering the individual factors and elements that we have brought up, all of which are very important when looking for and finding the best hanging egg chair, you will have no problems finding the hanging egg chair that suits you, providing you the comfort, versatility, and durability that you need. Hanging egg chairs may be a little strange and a little different, but it doesn’t need to be difficult to find the best one!

Hanging Egg Chair | Bestseller

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