Best Grow Racks with Lights in 2022: Buyer’s Guide

Hey there, Green Thumb!!! It looks like you’re starting an indoor greenhouse. That’s awesome! But, it seems you’ve got some big questions about lit growing racks. That makes sense; you’re greening the cube, and if you can’t get the sunlit energy you need for growing your plants, you have to get it from another source.

Best Grow Racks

There are some things to consider when you’re putting together your indoor garden, whether it’s in a retrofitted garage or in a full size shed out in your backyard. First and foremost, what kind of space are you working with and how big of a garden are you trying to care for?

Are you planning on working with a small space with just a few small potted plantsOr are you working with a much larger space where you’re going to have rows and rows of plants set up on shelves and racksEither way, you might be in the market for a set of growing racks.

Grow Racks

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What is a Growing Rack?

A growing rack is a set of shelves specifically designed for growing different types of place within close proximity of one another. It is a common piece of equipment in hydroponics labs and among cannabis growers.

The benefit of using a growing rack – or even a set of them – is that it can greatly help you conserve space. The added benefit is that some of these racks are equipped with lights specifically designed to help provide your plants with the energy necessary to make photosynthesis kick in.

What to Look for in a Growing Rack with Lights

There are just a few key points to look at when you are investigating growing racks with lights. When it comes to indoor gardens, size actually is important. The bigger the racks, the more light you’re going to need, which means a larger investment in electricity to run the system and in bulbs in case you ever need to replace them.

Not only do you need to make sure that the racks will fit the space your using, but you’ll also need to check to see how much wattage – output – the lights will give off how that will impact your electrical bill month to month.

Building A Seed Growing Rack

You’ll also need to research the kinds of bulbs you’ll need. There are a variety of different kinds of racks. Some will use LED bulbs that are incredibly energy efficient and can maximize the life of the lamps themselves within the racks. They are also easily changeable when the time comes to do so.

Other racks use fluorescent bulbs that can provide a wide array of coverage and they are bright and can last quite a while with constant use. But they may not be the best for your garden because they don’t give off a wide enough spectrum of rays to stimulate the kind of growth your plants need.

The recommendation would be for LED lights which can be designed with both a UV and infrared spectrum to give your plants more than enough simulated sunlight to help them grow healthy and strong. Mix that sunlight with really good compost from your own personal composting bin, and you’ll be set.

Plant Growing Racks

But Which Rack Should I Get?

Ultimately, that decision is going to be up to you. Do the research and make sure that what you’re looking for meets these considerations:

· Factor in the size of the space you are using for your indoor growing needs and look for ways to maximize that space.

· Factor in the growth/health needs of the plants you plan on growing; some plants don’t require as much light as others do, so if you’re planning on a variety of species or stages of growth, make sure that they have a relatively close set of needs.

· Factor in the amount of light you’re prepared to provide and the electrical capabilities you have to support it; are you going to be lighting your plants constantly or only during daylight hours, and how will that affect your usage on a monthly level.

Best Growing Racks

· Factor in the type of bulbs your lights will use; are you going for more cost-effective with a limited spectrum of light or are you going for energy efficiency to produce the maximum amount of light in the broader spectrum?

The Best

When it comes down to it, the best growing rack with lights is the one that best suits your indoor growing needs. Just like any product or set of products, only you know what you need. Happy growing!

Growing Racks for in your garden

Grow Light System | Recommended

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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