Gift Ideas for Plant Enthusiasts

The cat ladies are out, and the plant ladies are in (and we know there are plant men out there too, they just weren’t cat ladies before… or maybe they were… moving on). A new trend has emerged of proud plant parents gushing over their plant babies and considering how they literally breathe life and beauty into any living space, who could blame them?

Your BFF might be fanatical about flora or your mom might already be chomping at the bit to get started on spring gardening – either way, there’s a good chance that you know at least one botany-enthusiast.

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This person probably already has a jungle exploding on their windowsills and coffee tables, which could make you feel a bit tangled when deciding on the perfect gift for him or her.

Not only that, but they’ve already got all the gloves, pots, shears, and planters that they could possibly need to maintain this wilderness. However, you need not fear, the perfect gift fir (giggle) them isn’t far away – we’re here to help.

Whether your proud-plant-parent pal has a garden resembling a botanical fantasy land, a blossoming vista of indoor plants or a genuine salad valley sprouting in their yard, there’s no reason why you can’t supplement their addiction with some unique toys and tools designed specifically for the plant-fanatics – probably by other plant-fanatics as they “get” each other better than we ever could.

So, how do you find the perfect gift for the plant-obsessed?

What could you buy them that they don’t already have for themselves? Or that wouldn’t make them roll their eyes at your ignorance of their art or passion? You need to think out of the flower box. What we’ve seen (and experienced) is that anything imaginative that showcases their hobby or lifestyle will have them gushing over you in appreciation.

For those mini-farmers, a colorful basket that’ll cradle their just-picked harvest would certainly brighten their day. Some would love shirts, aprons or stationery that highlight their green thumb status, or botany books that might make our eyes cross but will delight them with fresh ideas.

You get candles that have a scent that’ll remind them of their garden, or else accessories and art decked out in their beloved blossoms.

Naturally, stylish pots and growers for their new shoots, top-notch implements, or an extra pair of sassy gloves will still excite them.

We’ve listed some of the most unique gifts for plant-happy peeps below that will delight your plant person beyond any gift you’ve ever bought them before. There are some books from Amazon, Etsy DIY kits, and a little something for pampering up ahead that’ll boost your status to BBFF or favorite child (parents, we know you have them) as easy as click click.

Happy shopping for that lucky plant person!

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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