Best Flail Mowers in 2021: Buying Guide

Today, we are living in a world where there are so many different tools and devices available. If you go to any hardware shop, or do an online search, you will be overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of different devices and contraptions that are available. No matter what task you need to complete, or what kind of tool or device you need, there is one out there that can fulfill that task/need in an efficient and simple manner.

Best Flail Mowers

Truthfully, we are living in a Golden Age of devices, and most of the problems that we deal with on a regular basis are being solved through the use of powerful and effective tools that make our lives significantly easier.

One of these problems is that of mowing the lawn. Mowing the lawn is less a problem, though, and more of a task that you just have to do, ever once in a while. For most people, they mow their lawn once a month. And, for others, once a week.

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What Are The Best Flail Mowers?

Using a flail mower, you’re able to mow plants and shrubs that you are unable to mow with a more conventional mower. If you do a lot of gardening, and need to remove some very thick and strong plants, then a flail mower is the best mower that you can buy.

In this buying guide, we’re going to be looking at the top three best flail mowers that are available. Regardless of which of these three flail mowers that you’ll buy, you’ll have an excellent experience!

Farmer Helper Field Flail Mower

To start off this buying guide, we have the Farmer Helper Field Flail Mower. This is a flail mower that comes from Farmer Helper, a company that has produced a variety of different gardening and farming tools.

Farmer Helper Field Flail Mower

In terms of length, the Farmer Helper Field Flail Mower is sixty-inches long. For a flail mower, that’s a great size. It’s long enough to make mowing a little easier and a little less time-consuming than it would be with a shorter flail mower.

Using the Farmer Field Flail Mower, you’ll be able to cut thick weeds and long grass. It’s designed for those particular types of plants/material, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it on other kinds of plants.

When this flail mower moves across the thick weeds and long grass that you’re cutting, it cuts with precision. There aren’t any loose blades of grass or weeds that are just flying everywhere, creating a big mess. Instead, this flail mower cuts evenly, all of the grass and weeds that you cut fall onto the ground, in a nice pile. That way, when you’ve finished mowing, you can just pick up those piles, and put them in the compost.

The Farmer Field Flail Mower uses Y-blades. These are reversible blades, so if you want to reverse them or go backwards with them, you can do that. And, these blades overlap, which leads to a more fine cut.

Farmer Helper Field Flail Mower Review

Make sure that you have a tractor that is more than 28HP, because if it’s less than that, the flail mower won’t work.

While this isn’t a short flail mower, one thing that does need to be mentioned is the fact that this isn’t ideal for especially large gardens and farms. Most of this is just due to the length of the flail mower, which is great for smaller gardens and farms, but not great for really huge farms and gardens where there is a lot more acreage to cover. Having only sixty-inches will make that a little more difficult.

Nova Tractor Flail Mower

Next up, we have the Nova Tractor Flail Mower. The Nova Tractor Flail Mower has a cutting width of sixty-eight inches. It’s designed for farms and gardens where there’s more grass and weeds to cut. If you have a piece of land like that, and you want to cut the weeds and grass on that piece of land in a quick and tidy fashion, then the Nova Tractor Flail Mower may just be for you!

Nova Tractor Flail Mower

When you take the Nova Tractor Flail Mower out of the box, you’ll need to assemble it. Doing this takes about two-hours, and there’s a manual that walks you through the process. But, if you’ve never built a flail mower before, it might be slightly difficult.

Here’s the main thing that you need to consider about the Nova Tractor Flail Mower: it’s meant for high-powered tractors. More specifically, it’s designed for tractors that are 45HP to 60HP. When you’re moving a tractor around, with this flail mower attached, it’s able to cut down grass and weeds very quickly and efficiently, in an even and precise manner. It’s also able to cut down wooden material, thick twigs, shrubbery, and thick material.

While you’re moving with the Nova Tractor Flail Mower, you can adjust the height of the mower. When you do this, you’re able to cut grass and weeds at a certain height, and all of this mowing is done at an even and exact height, ensuring that everything looks nice.

Nova Tractor Flail Mower Review

Farmer Helper Standard Multi-Duty Flail Mower

To end this guide, we have the Farmer Helper Standard Mult-Duty Flail Mower. The Farmer Helper Standard Multi-Duty Flail Mower is the shortest flail mower in this guide.

It’s only forty-one inches long, and this means that it’s best for smaller gardens and farms. For larger farms and gardens, you can use it, but it will be a little slower, since it isn’t very long and won’t be able to cover a large path of weeds and grass very efficiently.

Farmer Helper Standard Multi-Duty Flail Mower

Not only is the Farmer Helper Standard Multi-Duty Flail Mower smaller, but it’s also designed for tractors that have less HP. If you have a tractor that has more than 18HP, then you’ll be able to attach the flail mower to that tractor. But, if it’s less than that, you won’t be able to use it. However, most tractors have 18HP or more, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Most of the time, you’ll be using the Grass Mulching Blades that Farmer Helper includes. These blades are very useful for cutting down grass and maintaining a nice, even height on the grass that is within your garden/farm. But, they aren’t just great for cutting down grass, they’re also great for cutting down weeds and twigs.

For especially thick grass and weeds, or even wooded areas, you can use the Hammer Blades. Hammer Blades come with the Farmer Helper Standard Multi-Duty Flail Mower, and they’re incredibly strong. They’re able to cut through thick weeds and grass with incredible ease, but they’re also able to cut down wooden material that is up to two-inches in diameter.

Farmer Helper Standard Multi-Duty Flail Mower Review

While the Farmer Helper Standard Multi-Duty Flail Mower isn’t the most powerful flail mower, there are two blades that you can choose from, and these give you flexibility. Plus, it’s a lighter flail mower than others, so it’s easier to attach and use.

Flail Mower Buying Guide

Mowing the lawn is by no means a particularly difficult or overwhelming task, and there are actually a lot of people who find mowing the lawn enjoyable.

But, at the same time, no one is going to deny that mowing the lawn can be inconvenient, because it does take up a decent chunk of time, and if you have a very big lawn, or a lawn that needs to be mowed in a specific way, then things become a bit more complicated.

best flail mower for compact tractor

If you have a lawn that consists of things like vines and thick brush, then you’re in a situation where you need to find a strong mower that gives you the power and ability to properly trim those vines and that thick brush, in a way that ensures they are trimmed properly, so that your lawn looks nice, rather than chaotic and messy.

As you may have gathered, from the title of this buying guide, the best mower for that is a flail mower, and today, you’re going to learn all about these types of mowers, and what it is that they do, and the unique advantages that they give you.

However, you’re also going to learn about the best flail mowers, only, instead of talking about any specific models, we’re going to be looking at the specific characteristics and features that the best of these mowers have, along with the things that you need to consider, when searching for the best ones.

What Is A Flail Mower?

When it comes to common mowers, flail mowers aren’t part of that group, they are rather uncommon, and not that popular. Although, as time has passed, they have grown in popularity, due to the fact that they are very useful and they provide a myriad of benefits to people with yards that are especially thick with brush and vines.

Along with that, they have become cheaper, due to the different advancements that have taken place, and this has increased their overall popularity.

When using a flail mower, there are a bunch of small flails at the bottom of the mower, and these flails are shaped like the letter “T” and the letter “Y”, more often than not. And the reason for this shape is because it makes it easier for the flails to cut up the brush and vine that it is passing through, making it more conducive to a thorough and efficient mowing experience.

Each one of these flails begins to spin, when the mower turns on, and as these flails spin, they cut through everything that is in their path. Now, these flails are spaced all across the mower, so that the cuts are nice and even, and so that everything gets cut in an even manner, rather than being cut in an uneven manner, which would make your lawn look a bit weird and messy.

When people use flail mowers, they use them on lawns that are thick with brush and vine, because these types of mowers are best used for that purpose, since they are able to quickly and efficiently mow lawns of that sort.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Flail Mower?

Using a flail mower gives you many different advantages, and we’re going to talk about a couple of the main advantages that really make the entire mowing experience so effortless and, in some cases, even enjoyable!

best flail mower reviews

When you’re cutting up the brush and vines, the debris that is produced is kept to a minimum, and it isn’t thrown all over the place. This means that you’re not going to have to deal with crazy messes when you’re done mowing.

Using the flails, you have access to a significant amount of power. Cutting especially thick brush and especially strong vines is no problem at all. And that is something that is important to remember, because these are easily some of the most powerful mowers on the market.

The mowing process, no matter how thick or dense your yard may be, doesn’t have to take very long. Especially not with a good flail mower, because this mower makes that entire process significantly quicker and significantly easier.

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider?

In this section of the buying guide, we’re going to be diving into specific traits and features that you need to look for, and think about, when searching for the best flail mower, the one that will work best for you and make life easy and simple, when it comes to fulfilling your needs.

How Much Does It Cost?

Let’s start with the most basic of considerations, but also one of the most important considerations of them all. Due to the power that these mowers offer, you’ll be paying a bit more for a good flail mower, than you would be for a traditional mower.

Depending on the type of mower that you want, and whether or not you buy a new one – you can save a decent amount if you buy used – you’ll probably end up spending, at the very least, $800. And, if you want the best of the best, you might end up spending somewhere around $2,000, at the most.

Most of the time, though, a really great flail mower will cost around $1,500. You won’t be spending more than $2,000, in all likelihood.

Remember to keep this info in mind, when searching.

How Large Is The “Working Width”?

So, the phrase “working width” refers to the width of space that the mower is able to cut, while you are using it. This is important to note, because the larger the working width, the faster the mowing process will be, and if you want the process to be short, you’ll need a decent working width. Especially if you have a larger yard.

Most of the time, the working width is about forty-eight inches, which is four-feet. Some of the best mowers have a working width of around seventy-two inches, which is six-feet.

Ultimately, when considering this aspect, you need to think about the size of your yard, and how fast you want the mowing process to be, as well as your budget. Naturally, the larger the working width, the more expensive the mower is going to end up being.

How Many Acres Can It Mow In A Single Hour?

You’ll find that this information is a little harder to find on the store page of most of these mowers, but with a little research, you can find it.

Here’s the thing, every flail mower has a certain number of acres that it is able to mow, within a single hour. What you need to consider is the number of acres that are in your yard, and the number of acres that the mower can cut through, and then figure out how many hours it would take for the mower to cut your yard.

If you want speed, you’ll need to find a mower with a good measurement, and if you don’t want speed, or you have a smaller yard, this is less important.

flail mower

How Durable Is The Body Of The Mower?

Finally, the last thing you need to consider is the durability of the mower. Specifically, the body of the mower, because that is what will be affected most, if there is an accident.

Remember to buy a flail mower made out of steel, and it’s ideal if that mower has been made out of steel that is three-gauge, or more. Two-gauge is fine, though, if not ideal.

Along with that, find a warranty that is at least three-years, because accidents do happen, and this warranty will ensure that if something does happen, it won’t be a huge expense for you.


If you want a mower that is strong, versatile, fast, and effective, then you can’t go wrong with a good flail mower! These are some of the best mowers on the market, and by reading this guide, and using the information we’ve given, you won’t have any problems finding a great one!

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