Best Corded Dethatcher in 2021: Buying Guide

Dethatchers – also known as “lawn scarifiers” – are one of the best inventions ever made, when it comes to lawn and garden maintenance. They’ve been around for quite some time, now, and as a result of this, the technology that goes into making a dethatcher has had plenty of time to develop and grow, in a variety of new directions. Today, there are all kinds of great dethatchers available on the market, and you’re going to learn all about them.

However, you’re not going to learn about any specific dethatcher – or corded dethatcher, to be specific, since that is what we are going to be covering today. Instead, you are going to learn all about the individual elements and factors that go into a corded dethatcher, and how those things directly affect your experience with a corded dethatcher.

From this information, you will obtain a pretty good understanding of what a corded dethatcher is, what it consists of, what you need to consider and look for when searching for a good corded dethatcher, and how those individual elements affect your experience with the corded dethatcher.

However, you are going to learn a lot more than that. Before we can even begin to dive into all of those elements, we need to define what a dethatcher is, what a corded dethatcher is and what distinguishes it from a regular dethatcher, the purpose of a dethatcher, and the unique benefits and advantages that it gives you.

To start, we need to say that corded dethatchers are, in the end, very simple devices. There isn’t a lot to them, and that makes it easy for you to find a good one, provided you know what it is, exactly, that you actually want, and what, specifically, you intend to do with your corded dethatcher.

There are quite a few corded dethatchers on the market, a simple internet search will reveal that much, and in this guide, you’re going to learn how to make that search a lot easier for yourself.

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What is a Corded Dethatcher?

Now, before we can define what a corded dethatcher is, we’re going to need to define what a regular dethatcher is. However, it is important to note that there isn’t a huge difference between the two, which is why this general definition is so crucial to understanding what a dethatcher is, and what it does.

A dethatcher is a device that is used on lawns and gardens. Generally speaking, it looks kind of like a lawn mower, but it’s a bit smaller and less heavy, and it doesn’t make anywhere near as much noise, for the most part.

Unlike a lawnmower, though, its purpose isn’t to mow your lawn, cutting all of the grass. Instead, it serves a similar, but different purpose. That purpose is to remove the thatch from your lawn or garden, and this is done using blades that are designed specifically for dethatching.

What is thatch, you might be askingWell, thatch is kind of similar to grass or weeds, but it’s also a little different since it doesn’t take the form of any one particular plant. Instead, thatch is just a layer of matter that consists of numerous different plants, some of them are alive, and some of them are dead. Things like roots and rhizomes tend to make up most of the thatch that people find on their lawns and in their gardens. Thatch is produced naturally, and it usually isn’t caused by lawn mowing, since the microorganisms in your soil are very good at breaking down the grass clippings.

If you don’t have a lot of thatch, then you don’t need a dethatcher. A little bit of thatch is really good for your lawn/garden, since it serves as good insulation for the soil, protecting the soil against extreme temperatures, which can cause the plants within the soil to grow in irregular ways. However, having too much thatch can make it harder for the roots of the plants to grow and thrive, and it can also make the process of mowing your lawn a lot more challenging than it needs to be.

With a good dethatcher, you can properly remove the thatch that is in your lawn and/or garden and to allow the roots of the plants that are within the soil to grow properly and to thrive. The same goes for the process of mowing your lawn, which is made a lot easier with a good dethatcher, since you don’t have to deal with the thatch clogging up the lawn mower, or simply restricting your movement, making the process of mowing your lawn rather difficult.

Of course, this begs the question, what is a corded dethatcher, then?

Many dethatchers are cordless. They do not rely on a power cord or an electrical connection for them to run. As mentioned earlier, dethatchers are a lot like lawn mowers, from a design perspective, and as a result of this, they look very similar, and they act similar. Most lawn mowers are cordless since this gives them a lot more freedom to move around, in a variety of directions.

However, cordless dethatchers come with a few very notable disadvantages. One of which is the fact that they tend to rely on gasoline. When the gas tank is empty, you need to buy more gasoline to refill the dethatcher, so that you can continue to use it. This means that you will be spending money, time and time again, just to use the dethatcher. And that doesn’t even begin to talk about the fact that gasoline is not the most healthy substance for the environment, and there are some minor dangers, as well, when it comes to using gasoline.

With a cordless dethatcher, you may have more freedom to maneuver the dethatcher around, but in the end, you are going to have to pay quite a bit of money, down the road, just to use the dethatcher.

With a corded dethatcher, you have less freedom of movement, but at the same time, the overall cost is a lot cheaper, you aren’t using an environmentally unfriendly substance to power the dethatcher, and, overall, the experience is easier and cheaper.

Why Should I Purchase A Corded Dethatcher Today?

Today, there have been all kinds of advancements and developments, when it comes to dethatchers and the technology behind them. This is very much apparent when you look at all of the different corded dethatchers that are being offered, today, and all of the different features that they offer. Along with that, the technology is getting smaller and smaller, making it easier and more convenient to use a good corded dethatcher, without having to push around a heavy and bulky device. Lawnmowers are still in that stage – most of them, that is – but dethatchers have gone past that, and are now at the point where they are relatively small and mobile.

Since there are so many choices, corded dethatchers are also very cheap, too. Much cheaper than they were, just a decade or so ago. For those reasons, today is the best time to purchase a great corded dethatcher!

The Best Corded Dethatcher

When purchasing a corded dethatcher, there are just a few things that it’s important to be aware of, and to consider, so that you can find a corded dethatcher that fulfills your needs, in the best possible way.

How Powerful Is The Motor?

Here’s the thing, when you look at corded dethatchers, you’ll find that many of them tend to vary a great deal, when it comes to the motor and just how much power it offers. Most corded dethatchers measure their motor power in “amps”, and you’ll find corded dethatchers that offer eight amps of power, and others that offer twenty amps of power.

To say what number of amps is the best would be a foolish task since it does depend a lot on what your purposes are, and how fast and efficient you want the dethatching process to be. However, as a general rule of thumb, it’s best to purchase a corded dethatcher that offers, at the very least, ten amps of power. This is a good amount of power that ensures the blades spin at a good rate, and that you can dethatch your lawn or garden in an adequate amount of time. But, for larger spaces, the higher the number of amps, the better off you will be.

How Wide Is The Dethatching Path?

You’re going to find corded dethatchers with dethatching paths – this refers to the width of the dethatcher, when it comes to where the blades are located – that are as small as eight inches, and as wide as twenty-four inches. It all depends on the corded dethatcher that you buy, and there are many different choices.

Ultimately, when considering this aspect of the dethatcher, consider the size of the lawn/garden you are working with, and what path will give you the most freedom and versatility, while also making the overall dethatching process simple, easy, and quick. For you, it may be a path of fourteen-inches, and for others, it might be a path of twelve-inches.

How Lightweight – Or Heavy – Is The Corded Dethatcher?

Most corded dethatchers are pretty lightweight since the technology has had so much time to develop in that direction. But, the larger the dethatching path, the larger the dethatcher, and the larger the dethatcher, the heavier it is.

If you have problems moving heavier pieces of machinery, it’s going to be important for you to find a corded dethatcher that is relatively small and lightweight, rather than big and bulky. And, due to the small size and lack of heft, you will have an easy time moving the corded dethatcher around, as well, allowing you to dethatch various spaces that you might have trouble dethatching with a larger corded dethatcher.

The same goes for owning a larger corded dethatcher, though, since with a larger one, the process will be a lot shorter, and it won’t take up as much time or energy.

Types Of Height And Depth Control Options

Just like a lawnmower, dethatchers come with height and depth control options. With these options, you can choose just how low you want to cut the thatch that is on your lawn or garden, and you can also choose how deep within the soul you want the dethatching process to take place.

For some people, having these options isn’t all that important. But, for other people, it is very important, because they want to have the ability to dethatch their lawns/gardens in any particular way they choose, and these settings give them that freedom.

Ultimately, before purchasing your corded dethatcher, consider the type of dethatching you intend to do, and then look at the different settings offered by different corded dethatchers, and compare the different settings. Find a corded dethatcher that aligns with the specific needs that you have, with regards to the dethatching process, and how you want to do it.

Even if you don’t have any particular desires or needs, it would still be good to find one that has some options available, since they may come in handy.


Corded dethatchers are simple machines. There isn’t a lot to them, although, there are certainly a lot of them available, in today’s market.

By understanding the basic elements that we’ve just described, you’re going to have a significantly greater grasp of what to look for in a corded dethatcher, than most people do, and from this, you will be able to find the best corded dethatcher for yourself! Remember not to overthink things too much, though, and focus more on your specific needs and the features needed to fulfill those needs, rather than getting lost in the sea of other features, most of which are, in the end, superfluous.

Corded Dethatcher | Bestseller

Greenworks 10 Amp 14-Inch Corded Dethatcher, 27022
Robust 10 Amp motor, ergonomic, padded grip and adjustable handle for user comfort; 14 inch dethatching path gets your work done faster

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