Best Commercial Patio Heaters: Buying Guide

There’s nothing more annoying than when you have your friends over, and you’re all sitting on your outdoor patio, but the patio is cold, and the weather is just not treating you, your friends, or your patio right. That situation is really annoying, and far from pleasant, but it’s also a very common situation. A situation that many people assume is simply inescapable, and that there is no legitimate solution to it.

Fortunately, this is not true. There is a very good solution to this particular problem, that of having a patio that is too cold, and this solution comes in the form of a commercial patio heater. A commercial patio heater is a fantastic device that you can use throughout the year, during those especially cold nights, and less cold, but still cool, Fall and Spring evenings.

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Most people aren’t really sure what to look for in a good commercial patio heater, though, and they’re not entirely sure how to go about searching for the best commercial patio heater for their patio. So, they never buy a commercial patio heater, and they deal with the problem of their patio being too cold in a variety of other ways, none of which are particularly effective.

That doesn’t have to be you, though. If you have a patio – and, since you’re reading this article, you probably do – and this patio gets too cold during certain points in the year, then you should purchase a good commercial patio heater that is able to effectively resolve that particular problem.

In this buying guide, you’re going to learn all about the best commercial patio heaters. But, you aren’t going to learn about any particular commercial patio heater. Instead, we’re going to give you all of the information you need to find the best commercial patio heater for yourself, on your own. This information consists of the factors and attributes that comprise a good commercial patio heater, along with some things to think about during the buying process, so that you are able to have an easier time finding the best commercial patio heater for your patio.

However, before we are able to dive straight into those individual elements, we’re going to define what a commercial patio is, so that way you can understand what the features we are going to bring up are aligned with.

What Is A Commercial Patio Heater?

A commercial patio heater is similar to a lot of other heaters. It has the same basic function, naturally, and many patio heaters rely on propane gas. However, the intention behind a commercial patio heater is, obviously, quite a bit different from most of those regular heaters, since it is intended to work within an outdoor space, rather than an indoor space.

Most commercial patio heaters rely on propane gas, but a lot of new ones rely on electrical outlets. Slowly, more and more commercial patio heaters are making the switch from propane to electric, which can be advantageous, if you don’t want to be spending a lot of money on propane gas, because the cost can add up rather quickly.

With a commercial patio heater, you are getting a heater that is designed to work within a rather small space. Some commercial patio heaters are designed for bigger patios, but many of them are designed for smaller patios, and as a result of that, they tend to be mobile heaters, rather than stationary. This means that you can move them around with ease, and that there isn’t any long and arduous set-up process that takes way too long.

Ultimately, a commercial patio heater is a simple heater that has been designed for patios. They are either gas-powered, or electric, and most of them are designed for small patios, and are mobile, rather than stationary. Because of this, these are simple heaters, and there really isn’t a lot to them.

What Do I Need To Look For In A Commercial Patio Heater?

As mentioned in the last paragraph, commercial patio heaters are not complex. Far from it, they are simple devices that serve a simple purpose. Because of this, there is not a lot that you need to pay extra attention to, when it comes to finding a good one. However, there are a few things that will greatly affect your experience with the commercial patio heater, and we’re going to be talking about those specific things, in this part of the buying guide.

How Big Is The Commercial Patio Heater?

Commercial patio heaters do vary in size. Not as much as other heaters, and most commercial patio heaters are pretty small, or of a smaller size, but there are a number of commercial patio heaters that are, also, fairly large.

More specifically, you need to consider the overall size of your patio, rather than just the size of the commercial patio heater. How big is your patioHow many people will you have over, using it at one timeWhat kinds of things are on your patioAre there tables and chairs and umbrellas?

Make sure you consider the layout of your patio, and the size of the space itself, as well as how that space is set up, before you buy a commercial patio heater. By doing this, you will then be able to determine where the commercial patio heater should be set up, and this will make it a lot easier when you actually get the commercial patio heater, and are able to set it up in the place that you know is best for it.

What Type Of Fuel Source Does The Commercial Patio Heater Rely On?

As mentioned, there are two types of primary fuel sources that commercial patio heaters rely on. They are propane gas, and electricity. Both of which are good fuel sources that work very well, and there is not a significant quality difference in the amount of heat that is produced, or the quality of the commercial patio heater itself, when it comes to which one of those fuel sources the commercial patio heater uses.

If you don’t want to have to be buying new propane gas on a fairly consistent basis – granted, this does depend on how often you use the commercial patio heater – then an electric commercial patio heater is probably the best choice for you. But, if you are putting that commercial patio heater in a space where it has a difficult time actually reaching a power outlet, then that means you won’t be able to actually use the commercial patio heater.

With electric commercial patio heaters, you need to make sure that there is an electric outlet near the space where the commercial patio heater is going to be used, so that you are actually able to use the heater. If there isn’t, then a propane gas commercial patio heater is the best choice for you. Although, extension cords are not a bad idea, either.

Word of warning, though, with electric commercial patio heaters, some of them use a lot of electricity, and you might not be aware of that until you get your bill. If you are worried about that, make sure to read the reviews of that commercial patio heater, to see if that is ever brought up.

What Type Of Design The Commercial Patio Heater Have?

There are a couple of different designs that you will find, when looking at commercial patio heaters. You’ll find commercial patio heaters that are freestanding, which means that they aren’t mounted anywhere in particular, and you can move them around with ease, and this is aided by wheels on the bottom, which most freestanding commercial patio heaters usually have. And then, there are commercial patio heaters that are stationary, and that need to be mounted or set up somewhere, and these commercial patio heaters can’t really be moved.

Without diving too deep into the specifics of these commercial patio heater designs, you’ll need to consider the size of the design itself – some of the stationary commercial patio heaters are incredibly large – as well as where you would actually put it. For some people, having a freestanding commercial patio heater is the ideal choice, because they don’t have enough room to actually set up a commercial patio heater in one specific space. But, for other people, stationary commercial patio heaters are far better, because they tend to be bigger, and they produce more heat, and since they have a specific section of the patio designated for that heater, it makes more sense to have a stationary commercial patio heater.

It all depends on your patio and its size, as well as the layout of your patio.


When buying a commercial patio heater, it’s important to think less about the actual heater itself, and more about the patio it will be used in. You need to think about the size and layout of the patio, and you need to find a place, or a set of places, for that commercial patio heater to be used, in order for the experience to be as seamless and as effective as possible.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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