Best Chaise Lounge Set in 2021: Buying Guide

In the past, chaise lounges were incredibly popular, especially in France, and other parts of Europe. Slowly, they made their way over to the United States, and once they did, they became incredibly popular and many people chose to buy chaise lounges, and chaise lounge sets, due to the elegance they project, and just how comfortable and relaxing they are to sit and rest on.

Today, we’re going to be talking all about chaise lounges. Or, more specifically, chaise lounge sets, which are sets that consist of various pieces of chaise lounge furniture, that make your home, and the furniture within your home, elegant and beautiful.

You’re going to learn all about chaise lounge sets, and you’re going to learn what the best chaise lounge sets are. But, probably not in the way you might be thinking. Most of these guides talk a lot about specific chaise lounge sets – or specific products, in general – but we’re not actually going to do that.

Instead of doing that, we’re going to look at all of the individual factors and qualities that comprise the best chaise lounge sets. When you use this information, and apply it to the process of searching for the best chaise lounge set for yourself, you will have no problems at all finding the most amazing chaise lounge set that enables you to rest and relax in a tidy and easy manner, on a beautiful and elegant piece of furniture that looks beautiful and tranquil.

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However, before we can really dive into the features, traits, and factors that must be thought about and considered, when it comes to searching for the best chaise lounge sets, we need to define what a chaise lounge actually is, and then what a chaise lounge set usually consists of. This information will make it significantly easier to actually determine what kind of chaise lounge set is ideal for you, while making it easier, as well, to understand the application of the features and factors that we are bringing up and illustrating for you.

What Is A Chaise Lounge?

The words “chaise lounge” generally refer to a specific type of sofa that has its roots in the 17th century. Now, this is a unique sofa, and it has a couple of features that really set it apart from the sofas that are so prevalent today, although, with that being said, chaise lounges are still quite popular.

Essentially, though, a chaise lounge is a sofa that has a backrest, but this backrest is on one end of the sofa, rather than encompassing the entirety of the sofa. Because of this, a chaise lounge looks a lot like a bed, more than it does a conventional sofa. And, that’s because it is designed to double as both a sofa, and as a bed.

With a chaise lounge, you can lie down on one side, and then extend your legs on the other side. And, this entire process of doing so is very simple, and comfortable, because chaise lounges have been designed to serve as both sofas, and as beds. You can take a nap on one, and it feels just as good as lying on a bed.

Today, with the myriad of different advancements and developments, when it comes to things like fabric and the way in which we make furniture, chaise lounges have gone in a variety of new directions. There are all kinds of furniture manufacturers out there, making chaise lounges, and many of these manufacturers are putting their own unique fingerprint and shifting the basic design around, experimenting with shape, size, fabric, color, and a variety of other factors. This means that no matter your tastes, you won’t have any problems finding a chaise lounge that looks and feels perfect, for you.

However, this now begs the question, but what is a chaise lounge set?

A chaise lounge set is a set of multiple pieces of chaise lounge furniture. Most of these sets consist of two chaise lounges, and a table of some kind. Many of these chaise lounges are designed to be used outdoors, on a patio or by a swimming pool, or in another, equally familiar context.

Just as with chaise lounges, there are quite a few different chaise lounge sets that are available today, and this means that you have many choices available to you.

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider?

Chaise lounge sets are simple. You don’t need to think about, or consider, a lot when searching for the best chaise lounge sets. Instead, you just need to pay attention to, and think about, some basic qualities that will greatly affect your experience buying the chaise lounge set, and your experience using it.

How Big Are The Individual Chaise Lounges Within The Set?

We’re going to start off with a basic, but important question. How big are the individual chaise lounges within the set you are thinking about buying?

Size does matter. It really does, because if you have a chaise lounge that is too small, or too big, for you and for the space you intend to put it, then you aren’t able to really enjoy using that chaise lounge or, in some cases, to even use it at all.

It’s very important that you look at where you intend to put this chaise lounge set, and are familiar with the space itself and the specific points in the space that you intend to put these chaise lounges, and then, it’s important that you know the size of the chaise lounges and whether or not they will fit within the spaces you intend to put them in.

Length is another concern. If you intend to lay down and rest on these chaise lounges, make sure that they’re long enough for you. Because if they aren’t, your feet will be hanging off of the edge, and that might not be as comfortable, or as enjoyable.

How Many Pieces Do You Need The Chaise Lounge Set To Be?

Here’s another thing that you’re going to need to think about. Most chaise lounge sets tend to have three-pieces. More often than not, though, of these three-pieces, only two of them are actually chaise lounges. That third piece of the chaise lounge set is usually a table of some kind, rather than another chaise lounge.

So, it’s important that you know just how many chaise lounges you actually want the set to consist of, and then to take into consideration any of the additional pieces that the set comes with, that aren’t actually chaise lounges.

Fortunately, it isn’t that hard to find chaise lounge sets that consist of more than two chaise lounges. But, it does take slightly more effort, and it can be a little difficult to actually find these.

What Kind Of Weather-Resistance Does It Offer?

Here’s the thing about a lot of chaise lounge sets, they are designed to be used outdoors, more often than not. Naturally, this definitely isn’t always the case, but a lot of the chaise lounge sets that are available on the market are designed to be used outside, on patios, or places of a similar nature. This means that a lot of chaise lounge sets are designed to have various weather-resistance features that ensure that the chaise lounge set doesn’t get damaged by the rain, snow, or hot sun.

If you are using your chaise lounge set outdoors, then it is very important that you find a chaise lounge set that offers weather-resistance features. Ideally, water-resistance and stain-resistance, but there are other chaise lounge sets that are made of stronger fabrics that are really good in especially hot temperatures where the sun is just beating down on the chaise lounge set.

How Much Does The Chaise Lounge Set Cost?

In the end, it comes down to cost. And, chaise lounge sets can be very expensive, at times, but there are also quite a few chaise lounge sets that are quite inexpensive. It really depends a lot on who you are buying the chaise lounge set from, since there are quite a few different brands that are out there, putting out chaise lounge sets.

If you want a good three-piece chaise lounge set, you’ll probably pay between $300 to $400 for a relatively decent one, but around $700 for a fantastic one. And, for a five-piece set, you might pay anywhere from $1,200 to $2,200. But, it all depends on who you buy it from, and the materials that the chaise lounge set is made out of.

It’s worth noting, too, that in some cases, buying chaise lounges individually might save you a bit of money.


Chaise lounge sets are fantastic, because they provide you with multiple chaise lounges that are elegant and beautiful, and exceptionally comfortable! Regardless of your tastes, and the needs and desires you have regarding your chaise lounge set, you will be able to find the perfect chaise lounge set for yourself!

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