Best Artificial Grass Mats: Buying Guide

Yards take a lot of time and energy to maintain. If you have a yard that has a lot of grass, along with other plants, all across the entirety of that yard, then you are certainly well-aware of this basic fact.

In today’s world, more and more people are choosing to do things a little differently, in a way that gives them more time – and, in turn, freedom – to focus on the things that are genuinely important to them, rather than devoting their time and energy to tasks that they don’t care about, and don’t enjoy doing.

You can see this trend when it comes to things like robot vacuum cleaners, and robotic lawn mowers, along with a variety of other tools. And, you can also see it when it comes to things like artificial christmas trees and artificial grass mats which, as you may have figured out by looking at the title of this buying guide, is what we’re going to be talking all about, today.

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Artificial grass mats are incredibly useful, because they allow you to spend less time on managing the grass in your yard, and more time doing the things that you actually care about. While there is some debate as to whether or not artificial grass mats are as aesthetically pleasing and beautiful as real grass, there is no denying that artificial grass mats are significantly easier to maintain.

However, it can be hard to find the best artificial grass mats for your yard. Especially if you aren’t that familiar with the nature of how artificial grass mats actually work.

In this buying guide, though, we’re going to give you an in-depth rundown of what artificial grass mats are, and what it is, specifically, that they do. But, along with that, we’re going to look at the individual factors and attributes that comprise the best artificial grass mats. We’re not going to be looking at the specific artificial grass mats that are deemed “the best”, because it’s very hard to narrow “the best” down, when everyone has their own needs and desires.

What Is An Artificial Grass Mat?

An artificial grass mat is a type of artificial surface that was constructed through the process of chemical synthesis. Or, more specifically, the individual fibers that make up the surface of the mat, and the artificial grass itself, are synthetic, and these fibers are synthesized and then applied to the overall surface of the artificial grass mat in a way that makes them look just like real grass.

In recent years, there have been quite a few advancements and developments, when it comes to artificial grass mats and the ways in which these artificial grass mats are developed and put together. As a result of these developments, artificial grass mats look a lot more “real” than they did just a few decades go, and, along with that, they’re quite a bit cheaper, as well.

Essentially, an artificial grass mat is just a piece of artificial land that looks like grass, and gives off the impression of having grass. In the past, they were used a lot in football fields, and other types of fields, due to the fact that those fields are so large, it would take a very long time to adequately maintain them.

With artificial grass, there are a couple of distinct benefits. One of which is the fact that you don’t have to actually cut the grass, or to maintain it in the same way that you would have to maintain real grass. Instead, whatever height the artificial grass is when you buy it, that’s the height it stays at. You don’t need to water it, either. And, when it gets dirty, it’s very easy to clean, because it’s a lot less thick than real grass, so the cleaning process is much easier.

Most artificial grass is made of durable synthetic fibers, and this is, again, a product of the developments within the field of chemical synthesis. This also means that when you purchase an artificial grass mat, it will last for a long while, ensuring you don’t have to replace it after only a few months. This is especially important if you are covering a larger space, such as a field of some kind, or even just a really big backyard

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider?

When looking for artificial grass, there are a couple of key factors that must be considered and thought about. And, we’re going to look at these factors right now. The type of artificial grass mat that you buy will be dependent on where you are using it, and a couple of other key factors that will greatly affect the entirety of your experience with the artificial grass mat.

Where Will You Be Placing The Artificial Grass Mat?

Right away, the first question you need to ask yourself is “Where am I going to be putting this artificial grass mat?” This is the most important question to be asking, because if you don’t know where you are going to actually be putting the artificial grass mat, it’s going to make the entire process of finding the best artificial grass mat a lot harder.

Here’s the thing to remember, there are artificial grass mats for many different types of places. Some people use artificial grass mats for their patios or decks. Other people use it in their homes, for aesthetic purposes. Some people like having a small artificial grass mat in their backyards, and they surround that patch with real grass. And, some people like to have the entirety of their yard covered in a large artificial grass mat.

Regardless of where you intend to place the artificial grass mat that you are buying, it’s important that you know the exact space you intend to put it, because knowing this is going to make things so much easier for you, in the long run.

How Big Is The Space You Intend To Put This Artificial Grass Mat?

The next question that you need to ask yourself is the question of “How large is this space, where I’m going to be putting this artificial grass mat?”

Here’s the thing about artificial grass mats: some of them are really big, and some of them are really small. And, every artificial grass mat has its own measurements. Sometimes, these measurements will align with the exact size of the space that you need an artificial grass mat for. Sometimes, they won’t.

First off, it’s important that you know the exact measurements of the space where you will be putting this artificial grass mat. If you don’t know this, then it’s going to be a bit like wandering around in the dark, without a flashlight, because you’ll have to guess just how large the space is, and if you purchase an artificial grass mat that isn’t the size you need, well, that would not be a very fortunate experience, at all.

Second, it’s important that you either find an artificial grass mat that has those exact measurements, or you have one made specifically for you, and the space that you intend to put the artificial grass mat. There are various shops and places that do this, and they need the measurements and some other basic specifications, in order to make the artificial grass mat for you. You can find these shops online, and, ideally, within your local area.

How Tall Is The Grass?

The height of the grass isn’t as important of a consideration as some of the other things that we’ve talked about, but it is still important, on a basic aesthetic level.

If you are someone that likes short grass, that gives off the appearance of being completely trimmed and level, then you should purchase an artificial grass mat with a grass height of around one or two-inches. Perhaps more, if you want it slightly taller.

However, if you like grass that is nice and tall, then you should aim for a height of around three-inches, to six-inches Perhaps more, if you like it extra tall.

What Kind Of Weather And Stain Resistance Does The Artificial Grass Mat Have?

Every artificial grass mat should have some type of weather and stain resistance. Something that prevents it from becoming damaged easily.

Ideally, there will be some form of UV protection – the sun can cause some damage to the individual fibers that make up an artificial grass mat – and stain resistance, as well. You can find this information on the store page, but it is important that there is some stain resistance and UV protection, because this ensures that the artificial grass mat stays strong and durable, for a long time.


Artificial grass mats are fantastic, especially if you don’t have the time or energy to maintain regular grass. By using an artificial grass mat, you can free up a lot of time, and give yourself the freedom to focus on the things you really do care about and want to pursue!

Artificial Grass Mat | Bestsellers

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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