Aeon Matrix Yardian: Multi-Functional Smart Sprinkler Controller Review

Have you ever imagined the surreal experience which would come with using a multi-purpose smart sprinkler controllerNow, Aeon Matrix has made that a reality with the Yardian. The Yardian is like no other sprinkler controller; it has security camera structured with a high definition camera.

Aeon Matrix Yardian: Multi-Functional Smart Sprinkler Controller Review

It also provides you with access to indigenous weather prediction and an exclusive local water restrictions database. The Aeon Matrix Yardian is a topnotch watering device which gives you the privilege of saving money while maintaining beautiful lawns.

With all these mouth-watering features and more which would be further highlighted, the Aeon Matrix Yardian ensures that your properties are in good hands. What makes it even more convenient is the fact that you can easily monitor your sprinkler from the comfort of your home with your smartphone.

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Smart Sprinkler Controller

People are attracted by designs and are even more wowed when such designs have great features to go along with them. The Yardian has a well-crafted design which speaks volumes of its efficacy. You can choose to install the Yardian either indoors or outdoors. The outer make-up of the Yardian is like no other; it is coated with chlorine and bromine-free, UV-stabilized material which dispels flame.

It would interest you to know that the Yardian can tolerate any season, so there is no need to worry.

Aeon Matrix Yardian: Multi-Functional Smart Sprinkler Controller

Manual Program for Periodic Adjustment

For your preferred watering roster, there is a manual program on the Yardian which is designed to go along with your chosen preference. There is no rigidity when it comes to the operational basis of the Yardian. An easy way to go about this is to set it up just once, and the watering roster would be automatically adjusted each month based on the seasonal adjustment settings done by you.

If you feel you are too busy, and there is a need for someone to handle this for you, the Yardian presents such opportunities. You can involve your friends and family members by sharing the control access of your profile among them. So, you can go ahead to create multiple profiles which would be controlled with one user account.

That’s not all, the already-created profile which would represent your garden on the application would contain zones which could number maximally up to 12, and they can be enabled in line with your present irrigation zoning.

So for each zone, you can set up a sprinkler head, plant amongst others. Each zone can be allocated to either a manual program or a smart program.

Aeon Matrix Yardian Smart Sprinkler Controller

The Yardian’s Weather Feature

The Yardian’s app smart program is weather-based, and it calculates your watering roster which is automatically based on the weather conditions of your locality, your property profile and other essential factors.

Bounce the rules
You can skip watering rosters with the available skip rules which can be applied: Freeze prevention, manual skip, sensor skip, chance of rain.

Aeon Matrix Yardian

Yardian and Alexa Voice Integration

On your Yardian app, you can activate the Alexa specific voice command. This gives you customized control of the watering requirements of your lawn, which could be, for example, watering your property centered on specific zones.

The integration of the Amazon’s Alexa is one of the newly added features on the Yardian, and this is what makes it stand out amongst other applications.

Master Valves

You can also assign any preferred spare on the Yardian as the master spare/pump. It could easily be the master valve on the application.

Live Videos and Motion Detection with the Yardian

One interesting feature of the Yardian application is its transmission of live videos of your yard, it always you to stream all through the day through your smartphone. About this, it also has enabled motion detection. So, you would be informed on your smartphone when anyone comes towards your door, and you can save your videos on the Yardian cloud.

Aeon Smart Sprinkler Controller


The Yardian was manufactured basically to ease the stress property owners face alongside offering them mouth-watering features that are in line with the ever-changing technology. Hence, this implies that for almost all tasks, the Yardian can handle them.

Unlike some applications which have annoying bureaucracies when it comes to the installation and utilization of their services through the applications, the Yardian makes it look all easy as it is stress-free.

Aeon Matrix Yardian: Multi-Functional Smart Sprinkler Controller Review

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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